Teachscape Joins Frontline

Teachscape is excited about the opportunities to further support educators across the country as a part of Frontline Technologies.

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Educator Preparation

Teachscape empowers your teacher and education leadership candidates to be ready for their first day on the job by linking theory and practice.

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Using Video

Video is a proven platform that reveals authentic insights which can increase teacher effectiveness in an affordable way.

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Educator Evaluation

Successful evaluation systems help educators improve their practice, inform professional development, foster collaboration, and fuel student learning.

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Teachscape Reflect

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Flipping the Classroom

Teacher candidates at Gardner-Webb University report higher engagement and overall satisfaction in their flipped classrooms.

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Video is a proven platform that reveals authentic insights

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Teachscape Focus

Observation Training and Assessment System

Ensure observers provide educators with consistent, meaningful feedback about classroom observations to support professional growth and accurate teacher evaluations




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