Our Customers

Receiving the Teachscape training, and passing the subsequent assessment, will help ensure our students’ success as soon as they enter the field.David Bangs, Ed.D.Chair of Graduate Studies
Harding University

Forth Worth | TX

Fort Worth spurs teacher engagement in professional learning with video

Gwynedd-Valley | PA

Gwynedd Mercy students audit and improve their teaching skills withTeachscape tools

Teachscape provides us with the tools to help our teachers grow professionally and feel empowered in their teaching.Robert GroveAssistant Superintendent
Central York School District

Providence | RI

In Providence, new technology improves teacher evaluations and professional learning

Newport | KY

Calibrating observer practices yields robust teacher evaluations

Greenville | AL

Butler County ahead of the curve with video-based evaluation and growth system

Memphis | TN

Shelby County teachers embrace video to improve evaluations, coaching and lesson analysis

Eatontown | NJ

Evaluating teachers and administrators fosters collaborative professional development

Teachscape provides us with the tools needed to implement a robust teacher evaluation system that supports continuous professional learning.Dr. Scott NicolExecutive Director of Performance Management
Hartford Public Schools
We are all about creating a transparent, learning-focused environment, and Teachscape helps us achieve this.Adam Hartley Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Swartz County Community Schools

Salt Lake City | UT

Viewing best practices first-hand increases engagement

Syracuse | NY

Shifting the focus from administration to effective instructional leadership

Lubbock | TX

Video feedback fuels self-improvement and captures progress over time

Statesville | NC

With versatile tools, Iredell–Statesville schools improved student proficiency and state test scores

Philadelphia | PA

Philadelphia teachers stand out with data-driven best practices

La Joya | TX

Employing best practices in La Joya improves assessment and student achievement.