Framework for Teaching

The Framework for Teaching provides a common language and a shared understanding of effective teaching practice. This common understanding promotes deep professional conversation about teaching that is ultimately reflected in student learning.”

Charlotte Danielson

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What Is the Framework for Teaching?

Enhancing the Framework to Meet Changing Needs

A Partnership Forged in the MET Project

About Charlotte Danielson

As a trained economist living in Washington, D.C., Charlotte Danielson was so taken with the children in her neighborhood and how their local schools struggled, she began working toward her teaching credential at night and soon left her research position to teach in the District's public school system.

After positions as staff developer and curriculum director, Charlotte worked with Educational Testing Service (ETS) to develop an assessment to license new teachers. Building upon this work, she created the Framework for Teaching in 1996.

Architect of a Common Language for Effective Teaching

Grounded in research and with rubrics that describe what good teaching looks like, the Framework for Teaching quickly gained acceptance among educators across the country and even overseas as a comprehensive and robust description of teaching practice.

Now an internationally recognized expert in designing improvement-focused teacher evaluation systems, Charlotte Danielson has incorporated years of research and educator feedback to develop the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument. This highly practical tool for evaluation helps structure professional conversations that lead to ongoing improvement in teaching.

The Evaluation Instrument is also designed to adapt to changing needs and the Common Core, while remaining true to the original Framework.

Advancing Teaching Effectiveness Together

Charlotte Danielson and Teachscape first teamed together during the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project in 2009. In the MET project, we (along with ETS) jointly developed a rater training and certification system for over 500 raters nationwide to reliably score, based on the Framework, over 23,000 classroom lessons captured on video.

It became clear that there was a great need in schools and districts for the kinds of tools developed for the MET project, and our work together in this large-scale study formed the roots for our relationship. Building on our collaboration, together Charlotte, ETS, and Teachscape developed:

  • The Teachscape Focus observation training and assessment system, used to train and assess educators on using the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument for accurate observations, rich professional conversations, and reflective practice
  • The Teachscape Reflect observation and evaluation management system, used for customized evaluations, classroom and video-based observations, and classroom walkthroughs.

Because of our commitment to providing a tool set that faithfully implements the Framework as part of a constructive, reflective evaluation process, Charlotte Danielson granted Teachscape the exclusive digital rights to the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2011 and 2013 Editions.

While any version of the Framework For Teaching Evaluation Instrument may be freely downloaded and printed for use in paper form, Charlotte Danielson’s exclusive license grant to Teachscape means that Teachscape’s are the only software products authorized for use with the 2011 and 2013 Editions.

Teachscape is honored to join with Charlotte Danielson in this important work, and is committed to our shared understanding of the importance of using evaluation to enhance teaching practice.