Observation Training and Assessment System 

Improvement-focused evaluations begin with a common language to describe teaching practice, so observers and teachers can better understand how to develop instruction in their schools.

Based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching—a common language and proven instrument—Teachscape Focus is a complete system for preparing educators for observations, evaluations, and long-term practice improvement.

Prepare for Successful Observations

Teachscape Focus helps districts:

  • Prepare observers to conduct accurate, consistent observations and maintain their accuracy over time
  • Prepare teachers for observations, professional conversations, and reflective practice

Developed in partnership with Charlotte Danielson and ETS, Teachscape Focus provides:

  • Online training in all four domains of the Framework for Teaching for teachers and observers
  • Master-scored videos of classroom teaching at all performance levels
  • Scoring practice for observers that provides instant feedback on their practice scores
  • A rigorous proficiency assessment to certify that observers can conduct accurate, consistent observations
  • Calibration to check observers' scoring accuracy throughout the school year
  • Recertification in future years to re-establish scoring accuracy for certified observers