Observation and Evaluation Management System 

Teachscape Reflect is an observation and evaluation management system that helps districts make the connection between evaluations and long-term practice improvement.

Using a technology-enabled process and graphic-rich reports, districts can use data and evidence to support teachers in reflecting and building on their skills.

Bring Evaluations and Walkthroughs Online

Districts can use Teachscape Reflect to manage evaluations and walkthroughs entirely online with more efficiency and better reporting than with a paper-based system. With one system, districts can:

  • Evaluate various educator roles using distinct processes
  • Incorporate the Framework for Teaching or any evaluation rubric
  • Use predefined district evaluation formulas to calculate total evaluation scores
  • Monitor progress in overall instruction with classroom walkthroughs

Integrate Multiple Measures of Teaching

Districts can get a complete picture of teaching effectiveness by assessing various measures of practice including:

  • Formal and informal observations
  • Student growth and value-added measures or student learning objectives
  • Student, parent, and peer surveys
  • Teacher self-review and lesson artifacts

Turn Data into Action

Reporting tools give observers and teachers visual tools to focus on specific areas for improvement.

  • Observation reports allow analysis of individuals' teaching practice
  • Walkthrough reports serve as a springboard for reflective, data-driven dialogue
  • Usage reports allow administrators to track observations and walkthroughs

See how Teachscape Reflect works.