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A web-based observation and evaluation management system, Teachscape Reflect accounts for every step in educator evaluation processes, from observations to student learning objectives to end-of-year reviews.

Connect observations with professional learning

With Reflect, schools use one system to manage evaluations for teachers, principals, and specialists. Reflect incorporates observations, forms, student learning goals, and other school-specific measures to provide holistic, accurate views of the work educators do. Along with powerful reports, Reflect provides schools with the actionable data they need to improve educational practice.

Effective evaluation systems emphasize professional growth over compliance. That's why we've designed Reflect to support collaborative, co-constructed evaluations that include multiple opportunities to share feedback. With tools for self-assessment, goal-setting, formative observations, and walkthroughs, Reflect allows schools to engage teachers in the evaluation process, developing trust by making all phases of evaluation visible.


  • Evaluation management
  • Observations
  • Walkthroughs
  • Data management & reporting
  • Professional learning support
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Teachscape Reflect provides accurate and holistic views of the work educators do.

  • Evaluation Management

    Teachscape Reflect lets school systems manage any educator evaluation process online. With Reflect you can:

    • Configure evaluation plans to accommodate your processes and requirements for various educator roles, including teachers, specialists, and instructional leaders
    • Include planning and review forms such as pre- and post-observation forms, SLOs, and self-review forms
    • Account for multiple measures of practice, including observations, artifacts, surveys, and external measures
    • Involve others in evaluation processes, from practitioners themselves to peers
    • Derive summative evaluation scores from your school system’s formulas and weighting rules
  • Observations

    • Any Rubric, Any Process

      With Reflect, schools and districts have a consistent way to conduct and manage observations of educational practice.

      Observers can use one secure system to collect data, score lessons and artifacts against a rubric, and follow consistent processes. Using data and evidence from instructional practice, educators can identify areas of need and build the skills that empower students to achieve.

    • Tools for Video-Based Observations

      Reflect supports video-based observations that connect observers and practitioners across any distance. And with Teachscape's camera kits and apps for video capture and upload, educators can easily set up and capture videos from the classroom.

    • Collaborative Observations

      We’ve designed Reflect so that educators can engage in observations and evaluations collaboratively. Share access to observations before they’re finalized, assign observations to peers, and delegate observation activities and tasks to ensure that everyone who should take part in the process can.

    • Focus on the Formative

      With Reflect, requesting, creating, and conducting ad hoc observations is easy. You can add observations to existing evaluation plans as applicable to your evaluation protocols or set up formative assessments that do not factor into evaluations.

  • Walkthroughs

    Reflect includes a powerful tool for conducting and managing classroom walkthroughs. With the Walkthrough Tool, school systems can:

    • Capture focused “snapshots” of instructional practice
    • Measure the impact of specific practices on teaching and learning
    • Gauge progress toward overall instructional goals
    • Shed light on where to focus improvement efforts
    • Engage communities of practice in reflective, constructive dialogue
    • Foster a growth mindset among educators
    • Easily Capture Walkthrough Data

      No need to carry clipboards or laptops; the Walkthrough Tool includes a app that lets educators conduct walkthroughs with a handheld device.

    • Focus on What Matters

      The Walkthrough Tool features surveys rooted in best-practice research that educators can use out of the box including:

      • Standard look fors based on the research of Robert Marzano (High Yield Strategies), Benjamin Bloom (Bloom’s Taxonomy), Phillip Schlechty (student engagement), and Carol Ann Tomlinson (differentiating instruction)
      • Common Core State Standards look fors include Mathematical Practices and English Language Arts and Literacy, which identify practices that help students meet the standards
      • Framework for Teaching look fors align with the classroom-based Domains 2 and 3 of Charlotte Danielson’s evaluation instrument

      With the Walkthrough Tool, educators can also create surveys from scratch and edit existing surveys.

  • Data Management & Reporting

    Reflect's powerful reporting tools inform conversations with practitioners, facilitate progress monitoring, and help determine where to focus professional development resources. Educators can use reports to view:

    • Observation status by school, observer, and teacher
    • Distribution of scores for each domain and component at school and district level
    • Visual representation of strengths and areas of need for an individual teacher or group of teachers
    • Average scores per component by building, domain, tenure status, and observation date
    • Individual teachers’ progress in their scores over time by each observed rubric component
    • Number of walkthroughs by school, observer, teacher, or survey
    • Distribution of walkthrough data to measure instructional strategies
  • Professional Learning Support

    Effective evaluation systems emphasize professional growth, not compliance. That’s why we’ve designed Reflect to support collaborative, co-constructed evaluations, observations, and walkthroughs that include multiple opportunities to share feedback. This includes:

    • Peer observations
    • Share walkthrough results via email
    • Share access to observations and other activities with practitioners
    • Easily request observations from supervisors and peers


Teachscape's half-day training sessions help new users start using Teachscape Reflect and learn how to use the system effectively in their daily work.

With face-to-face and webinar options, this interactive training is tailored to the group attending: observers, teachers, teacher trainers, and mixed groups. Training can be provided for up to two cohorts per day for face-to-face sessions.

In-Classroom Observations

  • Training for observers, teachers, or both: Participants learn to navigate the system and explore functionality in a practice observation.
  • Teacher trainers: Participants explore system functionality and plan for training in the school or district

Format: 3 hours of facilitated face-to-face training (two sessions per day) or a 3-hour webinar.

Group size: Cohort of up to 25 participants.

Video-Based Observations

  • Training for observers, teachers, or both: Participants learn how to master the navigation features and tools, use the video capture app, and study video capture best practices.
  • Teacher trainers: Participants learn the navigation features and tools, learn to use the video capture app, and learn how to train the teachers at their school sites in use of the system and video.

Format: 3 hours of facilitated face-to-face training (two sessions per day)

Group size: Cohort of up to 25 participants.

Walkthrough Training

Instructional and district leaders: Participants learn how to master walkthrough navigation features, data collection tools, and reporting tools.

Format: 3 hours of facilitated face-to-face training (two sessions per day), or up to three hours of webinar training

Group size: Cohort of up to 25 participants

Higher Ed

Provide timely, targeted feedback to teacher candidates on their instructional practice with live and video observation and walkthrough tools, while capturing data for program improvement and accreditation

  • Tailor feedback, course changes and other interventions according to candidate needs by accessing real-time data on individual and aggregate student teaching performance in the classroom
  • Enable candidates to get the most out of field experiences with video observations that provide opportunities for self-reflection and coaching
  • Make classroom observations and walkthroughs easier for university supervisors and mentor teachers to conduct
  • Align program experience with K–12 by familiarizing candidates with classroom observations and walkthroughs they will encounter as part of district teacher evaluations
  • Enable program leadership to track observations from mentor teachers and university supervisors to ensure consistent feedback

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I found it an easy process. I was able to really see what the evaluator was looking for and where I should go with my instructionJennifer Cohen, Teacher