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Core Attributes of Effective Teaching are Known & Measurable

Teaching practices that lead to high student performance can be taught, mastered, and measured. Research has confirmed that instructional expertise can be accurately assessed and that teachers who receive high-quality feedback can steadily improve. The tools, content, and processes that every school leader needs to systematically improve classroom teaching are within our reach.


Not every teacher will develop from good to great. But by embedding support systems that integrate instructional diagnostic tools, foster feedback, incorporate relevant examples of great teaching, and support career development, more great teachers will be helping more children receive the education they need and deserve.


Since its founding in 1999, Teachscape has been dedicated to systematically improving teaching expertise. Teachscape has partnered with the leading experts in K–12 education to design and develop software, professional learning content, and expert services that result in measurable growth in teacher practice, school leadership, and student achievement.

Developed in partnership with educators and experts, Teachscape’s comprehensive system supports the development of instructional practice throughout an educator’s career and features:

  • Training for educators to build a common language for teaching effectiveness
  • Robust progress monitoring and diagnostic tools to reflect on and assess teaching effectiveness
  • Content, video tools, learning plans, and collaboration tools designed to build skills and expertise
  • Talent management tools to ensure all employees are organized, trained, and aligned to meet student needs