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Teacher Evaluator Training & Certification

Teacher Evaluator Training & Certification

March 12, 2012

As the evaluation of teachers is used for increasingly high-stakes personnel decisions, it becomes essential that the judgments made by evaluators are accurate and defensible, both professionally and legally. Until recently, the burden on teacher evaluators was modest: a cursory observation of teaching practice and the completion of a rudimentary teaching checklist were all that was required to determine that a teacher was performing at a high level.

But the policy landscape has changed dramatically. With the recognition of the vital role that teachers play in promoting student learning, it has become essential for evaluators to demonstrate that they can accurately assess (and diagnose for the purpose of supporting improvement) the quality of classroom instruction that they observe. And if an evaluator’s judgment can have adverse consequences on a teacher’s career, it is even more critical that those judgments be accurate.

This paper, prepared by key participants of the MET project, addresses the often-overlooked and complex set of challenges involved in training and certifying the evaluators of classroom teaching.

Download a PDF of the white paper, Teacher Evaluator Training & Certification (Catherine McClellan, Mark Atkinson, Charlotte Danielson, 2012)