Educator Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

These days principals are expected to do more—conduct more observations, debrief with teachers, and develop personalized growth plans—amid their many other responsibilities. It's also a new world for teachers, many of whom may not be used to being observed multiple times in one school year.

Teachscape's solution for teacher evaluation helps districts meet federal and state requirements and address every step of the process. The systems that are part of this solution are designed to help ensure evaluations are effective and efficient and lead to sustained improvement in teaching practice.

Districts can implement this modular solution all at once, or one building block at a time in a phased approach.

Build a Common Language for Teaching Effectiveness

Teachscape Focus provides in-depth video-rich training for observers and teachers on the Framework for Teaching. For observers, the system also provides video-based Scoring Practice and a rigorous Proficiency Assessment to help increase the accuracy and consistency of observations.

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Assess Teaching Practice

Teachscape Reflect is a complete observation and evaluation management system that streamlines the evaluation process to increase efficiency while maintaining the integrity of evidence-based evaluations. Flexible and customizable, the system allows districts to easily use their own evaluation rubrics, forms, processes, and workflows.

Turn Evaluation Data into Action

Teachscape Reflect observation and evaluation management system provides tools for observers and evaluators to easily analyze data and use it to inform professional conversations and actionable feedback.

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Help Teachers Improve with Personalized Professional Learning

Recommendations for professional learning based on evaluation outcomes are included in personalized learning plans in the Teachscape Learn professional development system.

Teachscape Learn combines individual learning plans with comprehensive professional learning content, video channels and libraries, and tools to manage and track all professional learning and events.

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