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For Teachscape Learn + Teachscape Reflect

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Mini Tablet Kit

Mini Tablet Kit

The Mini Tablet Kit turns a tablet computer into an easy way to capture videos and use them for professional development, self-reflection, or observations.

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Mini Camera Kit

Mini Camera Kit

Lightweight and easy to set up, the Mini Camera Kit works with iPhones and most smart phones, iPod touch, and other handheld devices for a compact, versatile video solution.

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Video opens doors and expands classroom walls.

Educators can use video for new ways to see, reflect on, and collaborate on their practice, without missing classroom time.

Video can capture the nuances of teaching that may be difficult to discern in the moment, or to recall from memory later. With this new perspective, educators can develop a deeper understanding of what is working—and what could be working better—with their students.

A Structure for a Video-Based Improvement Process

Using video to develop teaching practice requires more than just a camera. Educators need a system specifically designed for teaching that integrates video capture with online tools for sharing, commenting, clipping, and scoring.

With Teachscape’s comprehensive systems, teachers have the tools to use video to engage in thoughtful analysis, receive meaningful feedback, and view concrete examples of high-impact strategies in action in the classroom.

Teachscape Learn

For self-reflection, professional learning, new-teacher support, coaching, peer mentoring, and building local video libraries

Teachscape Reflect

For observation, evaluation, or non-evaluative scoring using a rubric

Teachscape’s systems and video tools
allow for:

  • Self-reflection
  • Professional learning
  • Support for new teachers
  • Peer mentoring and collaboration
  • Targeted coaching
  • Observation and evaluation

Tools for Video Capture and Sharing

With Teachscape's camera kits and apps for video capture and upload, educators can easily set up for and capture their own videos from the classroom.

Designed for easy video capture of small-group work, meetings, or the classroom, the optional Mini Tablet Kit and Mini Camera Kit pair with educators' own Apple devices (sold separately).

Capture and upload apps are included with Teachscape Learn and Teachscape Reflect so educators can transfer their videos to a secure platform to share, comment on, score, and create clips of videos to build their own libraries of best practices.