For Observers

Teachscape Focus prepares observers to conduct accurate assessments of teaching practice using Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, and helps observers maintain their accuracy over time.

Deepen Understanding and Practice Skills

Teachscape Focus Observer Training and Scoring Practice help observers develop a rich understanding of the Framework and practice applying it to conduct reliable classroom observations.

Video-based training modules can be administered as self-paced training or as part of a facilitated learning group. Observers learn how to:

  • Identify evidence in the classroom
  • Distinguish between evidence and statements that show bias or personal preference
  • Correctly align evidence with a component of the Framework
  • Accurately score evidence and maintain consistency with other observers

Scoring practice uses master-scored videos of teaching for the observer's relevant K–12 grade level, and includes:

  • Videos of real classroom teaching that were scored by experts
  • Practice exercises to identify evidence, align it with a component, and input a score based on the evidence
  • Instant feedback on the observer’s practice score compared to expert scores, with rationale for the correct scores written by the experts

Certify Observers' Proficiency

The Teachscape Focus secure online proficiency assessment challenges observers to demonstrate effective classroom observation skills once they have prepared using the training and scoring practice.

With video-based and multiple-choice test items, the Proficiency Assessment was designed by ETS and Charlotte Danielson as a rigorous, psychometrically sound test, and includes:

  • Five grade-band versions: elementary, middle school, high school, K–8, and K–12
  • Videos of classroom teaching in key subject areas such as English language arts, math, and science or social studies
  • Two pass/no-pass stages 
  • Feedback on test performance and guidance on how to improve observation skills

Check Ongoing Accuracy

Over time, even observers who have demonstrated proficiency in scoring teaching practice tend to experience “drift” in their accuracy.

Teachscape Focus Calibration provides exercises (or "windows") that districts can administer multiple times per year that:

  • Check observers' accuracy in scoring classroom videos of teaching practice
  • Provide instant feedback on areas observers should work on
  • Include training and scoring practice to refresh skills

Calibration windows in Teachscape Focus are online, video-based exercises that are specific to the observer's relevant grade level.

Recertify in Future Years

Recertification re-establishes observers' scoring accuracy after they have passed the initial Proficiency Assessment. Designed to measure the skill that tends to slip the most over time--assigning an accurate score for the observable components of the Framework--Recertification is a rigorous assessment that takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

Recertification also includes Observer Training and Scoring Practice so observers can refresh their skills and prepare for the recertification assessment.

“Teachscape Focus is a vital element of any fair and equitable approach to teacher evaluation. It provides assurance that when the Framework for Teaching is used for evaluation, it’s done with integrity and fidelity.”

~ Charlotte Danielson